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Buy local.

How many times have you heard this little catch phrase?  Have you ever really thought about buying local and what it means?  Why would you really want to buy local, especially if you can’t get certain products locally, like a particular make of a car or a larger item like an appliance?  In cases where you can buy local, or as close to home as possible, it’s one of the smartest things you can do as a business owner and a consumer, and there are a lot of reasons why.

First and foremost, the investment back into your community really does make a difference.  The dollars you spend in your own community stay in your township, and local to your city, county, and state.  Those dollars are spent, sometimes five or ten more times, on a variety of re-investments that benefit the spender and the broader community at large.  Think about where your tax dollars go when they are re-circulated locally.  Think about schools, local services, and how your community stays healthy.  Think about local businesses and what they do with those dollars.  Think about attracting jobs to your community and building a body of knowledge that has a strong interest in developing, improving, and living in the community you live in for the long term.  Think of the investment in people, and most importantly, in our children.

The dollars spent in a community are a small part of why we should buy local.  The investment in our community, knowledge, and our collective future is far more important.

Since 2007, JDI Contracts Inc. has worked closely with Great River Energy (GRE) on their DryFining project in North Dakota and on the Brookings to Hampton CapX2020 project in southern Minnesota.  GRE has made an effort to re-invest in the community they service through Lake Country Power and other rural cooperatives.  GRE makes a conscious effort to buy local services from JDI.  I am proud of our working relationship with GRE, and know that we are competitively priced for the professional project management and support services we offer to Midwest regional clients.  And, as a Lake Country Power customer, I know that the services we deliver to GRE are part of a larger effort by a local company to make good decisions about how to best deliver their projects on behalf of their customers because I see it first-hand.

JDI adds value, helps keep regional power rates low, and we also continue to invest in the communities we live and work in by buying local.

Buy local.  It’s the smart thing to do!