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The JDI Checkout & Startup team gets your project into operation.
During the Checkout & Startup phase, the project budget and schedule are nearly expended. Multiple contractor and owner teams are at peak manpower, doing many different things in the same space and time. Bottlenecks emerge, extending construction and interest payments, delaying production, and preventing revenue generation.

Our leadership team works to mitigate risks using our expertise in 24/7 checkout efforts. We tightly integrate and facilitate discipline-specific construction completion, equipment checkout, and function and sequence testing, all within the constraints of your schedule.
In the Checkout & Startup phase, we’ll help you get your project into service, where we:


  • Complete and implement an integrated checkout and startup plan
  • Complete operations training in preparation for checkout and startup
  • Perform all quality control inspections to ensure contractor compliance with design specifications
  • Facilitate contractor punch list management
  • Complete checkout on all mechanical, electrical, and control systems to ensure functional compliance
  • Complete audit documentation of equipment function testing results
  • Turn over site control to Operations with completed checkout and startup certifications
  • Support full sequence and safety testing according to pre-defined operational requirements
  • Support on-going transition to continuous operations through compliance, performance, and reliability testing
  • Complete final turnover punch lists and update all project construction documents to a final record set

We’re there until the very end, ensuring all steps in the process are successfully completed, to get you into operation as smoothly and safely as possible.