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Construction: Building to Your Design

JDI Contracts Inc. turns your complex plans and drawings into brick, mortar, and steel

We get construction started, keep it moving, and finish strong. We turn your design into reality with our concise planning, clear communications, and a well-defined process.

With JDI at the helm, each step in your project is tightly integrated to optimize the project schedule and reduce field costs. Our road map uses industry experience, detailed planning, and a team approach to deliver your project as designed and specified.

During the Construction phase, we’ll lead your integrated field stakeholder team, set up sequential and parallel construction activities, and get your project done. In this phase, we:

  • Manage construction and related field activities with a complete implementation plan and integrated technical package
  • Assemble all technical drawings, specifications, and other information required for bid packages
  • Establish clear procedures for those areas impacted by construction, including safety, environmental, hygiene, and site access
  • Establish protocols for communication between operating and construction entities
  • Establish reporting relationships and performance milestones for the Construction phase
  • Integrate scheduling for all stakeholders
  • Implement the materials and site management plan
  • Support bid development, contractor selection, and work release

Safety and Environmental Compliance are Critical

Our goal is a zero incident safety and environmental record, and our commitment starts long before field activities begin. As part of our full-service approach to project management, we offer safety training, advisement, and audit services for all field activities.