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The Design phase establishes your comprehensive project specifications; every detail is calculated, drawn, and planned.phase_design

We’ll support your integrated design effort, where together we:

  • Form, lead, and facilitate a team composed of resources from multiple firms, using an integrated design process
  • Add and integrate gap resources as required to maintain project schedules
  • Specify all project deliverables, and provide and maintain oversight to ensure design compliance
  • Establish detailed schedules, budgets, and designs
  • Define and delineate the project’s scope, including a list of major equipment
  • Initiate Construction phase planning and define inputs
  • Develop and initiate a procurement management plan
  • Identify appropriate review cycles and performance milestones
  • Integrate and support permitting and engineering completion
  • Provide and load project budget and information tracking systems
  • Establish project cash flow management plans
  • Maintain a comprehensive project schedule for all stakeholders

In the Design phase, your project becomes tangible, with specifications, drawings, costs, and sometimes trade-offs.
Constructability reviews help increase your project’s engineering value and identify potential problem areas. Throughout the process, JDI helps you sort out the real issues, solve problems, and implement practical solutions that work.