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JDI Contracts Inc. collaborates with your entire stakeholder team to formulate a complete project plan.
We support your project, regardless of size or industry, right from the word “GO.” Our continued oversight and involvement — in the Development phase and throughout the project — give you confidence that we’ll reach the intended outcomes.

We’ll keep your entire project in focus as we help build the project team and facilitate the Development process, where together we:

  • Facilitate building the project leadership team
  • Establish project economics, outcomes, and key project decision criteria and approaches
  • Review, clarify, and modify project scope
  • Develop corporate project outcomes
  • Establish detailed phasing plans with anticipated outcomes, including signposts, milestones, and indicators
  • Analyze and evaluate project risks
  • Develop appropriate reporting relationships with defined roles, responsibilities, and interface requirements
  • Build comprehensive sequenced project schedules

As your Owner’s Representative, we represent your interests while laying the groundwork for how your project will be implemented.We help establish the connections between your vision as an owner and the overall plan required to deliver your project’s outcomes.