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mechanical gear

High-quality, detailed mechanical design reduces overall cost in a construction project by minimizing field mistakes and re-work while ensuring a high-quality and efficient installed product.


Our mechanical engineering department offers a diverse suite of services.  From creating a preliminary design for proof of concept to detailed design and construction support, our team is ready to help you plan and execute your next project.
JDI’s mechanical engineering services are designed to support the success of your project in every stage:


  • High pressure piping system design
  • Pipe stress analysis
  • Equipment and system layouts
  • Structural platform and basic structure design
  • HVAC, ductwork, boilers, and other heavy industrial equipment design and selection
  • AutoCAD, and 3D SolidWorks support
  • Proof of concept analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Energy audits
  • Mechanical and structural field engineering support
  • Contractor management