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JDI’s Outage & Turnaround Management Services integrate all of your major business objectives, including planned unit operations and maintenance cycles. We help everyone work together effectively.

Our extensive Outage & Turnaround Management experience includes leadership and support of:

  • Steam boiler and generator capacity maintenance and upgrades
  • Heat rate and system performance upgrades
  • Turbine overhaul
  • Generator rewind
  • Boiler inspections and maintenance
  • Electrical and control systems upgrades and maintenance
  • Craft leadership and facilitation
  • Preventive/predictive maintenance
  • Risk/reliability analysis
  • Tuning/balancing/vibration systems experience
  • URGE/load limiting analysis
  • Equipment failure analysis
  • Auxiliary systems maintenance

Our service packages provide best-in-class project and outage management. With our leadership and technical support teams, we’ll link all of your resources and work with you to return your units to service in top condition.

Our Outage & Turnaround Management Services provide the best value for your O&M and capital budgets. Contact us to find out how our services save you money in capital costs and performance.