JDI’s services portfolio offers the collective experience of our team across multiple industries through generations of technology improvements. We’re ready to drive your next opportunity to a successful outcome

[icon icon=”fa fa-building-o” position=”icon-left” title=”PROJECT & CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT” url=”https://jdicontracts.com/project-management/”]

  • Contract management
  • Integrated budget and scheduling controls
  • Project pro-forma development
  • Specifications and procurement
  • Site management
  • Facility and site evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Due diligence
  • Field installation budgeting and takeoffs
  • Field engineering support
  • Checkout and startup support
  • Documentation controls and administration
  • Administrative support

[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-cube” position=”icon-left” title=”PROCESS CONTROLS & INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING” url=”https://jdicontracts.com/process-controls-engineering/”]

  • Process controls engineering and design
  • PLC based control system design and programming
  • Control panel design and R&D
  • Pressure, level, and temperature measurement and control
  • Instrumentation and options selection
  • Flow measurement, including liquids, solids, and gasses
  • Process instrumentation connection and detail design
  • Variable frequency drive programming, control, and setup
  • Specifications and procurement
  • Position feedback and control
  • Field engineering support
  • Calibration and tuning support


[icon icon=”fa fa-area-chart” position=”icon-left” title=”MECHANICAL ENGINEERING” url=”https://jdicontracts.com/mechanical-engineering/”]

  • High pressure piping system design
  • Pipe stress analysis
  • Equipment and system layouts
  • Structural platform and basic structure design
  • HVAC, ductwork, boilers, and other heavy industrial equipment design and selection
  • AutoCAD, and 3D SolidWorks support
  • Proof of concept analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Energy audits
  • Mechanical and structural field engineering support
  • Contractor management

[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-handshake-o” position=”icon-left” title=”PROJECT STARTUP AND TURNOVER” url=”https://jdicontracts.com/project-management/”]

  • Startup team leadership and coordination
  • Startup manual development and training coordination
  • OEM and field service team coordination
  • Maintenance manual, drawings, and construction documentation assembly and management
  • Construction progress tracking
  • Final construction inspection, punch list management and resolution
  • I/O checkout, tracking, and issues resolution
  • Field communications for checkout team
  • Progress reporting
  • Final startup report


[icon icon=”fa fa-rss” position=”icon-left” title=”ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING” url=”https://jdicontracts.com/electrical-engineering/”]

  • Low-medium voltage power distribution
  • Switchgear, motor control centers, and panel board design
  • UPS and power conditioning
  • Control panel design and CAD
  • Lighting and utilities
  • Grounding systems
  • Equipment and options selection
  • Specifications and procurement
  • Field troubleshooting and assessments
  • Field engineering support

[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-puzzle-piece” position=”icon-left” title=”INDUSTRIAL AND BUSINESS IT SERVICES” url=”https://jdicontracts.com/industrial-and-business-it-services/”]

  • Production network and IT systems integration and design
  • Firewall and security systems specification, implementation, penetration testing
  • Hardware and software supply
  • Cloud/local Server and deskside support
  • Cloud/local backup systems
  • Voice and data systems
  • Microsoft, ESET, Watchguard, and Dell Certified Partners