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Introduction to JDI

See our full Statement of Qualifications for details on our broad and deep project experience.

JDI Contracts Inc., founded in 2003, is a Midwest-based professional services consulting group that provides experienced leadership, technical, business, and site support services to continuous production-oriented businesses. JDI’s headquarters are in Grand Rapids, MN, with a remote office in Minneapolis, MN.

JDI acts as an owner’s representative and helps stakeholders get projects into service on time, under budget, as specified.

JDI’s extensive and diverse experience includes:

  • Over 250 years of senior project management in engineering and construction projects
  • Experience in power, paper, mining, manufacturing, and other industries
  • Managing projects with an aggregate value well over $2.5 billion
  • Craft and construction leadership and field experience of well over 5 million person hours

JDI is organized into groups of similar, best-in-class services that drive business and project performance and results. They enable JDI to deliver a wide variety of expert services for large and small projects, and to be collaborative, flexible, and highly responsive to client and project stakeholder needs. Our Centers of Excellence include:

  • Leadership – Leading your project through program and project management, stakeholder team development and integration; and scope, schedule, and budget management.
  • Technical Services – Delivering your project design through a well-developed engineering process, appropriate gap resources, and strong IT and data integration across all project stakeholders.
  • Business Services – Tracking all critical project information, including accounting, budgeting, finance, and project documentation, with transparency and audit compliance through all project phases.
  • Field Support – Ensuring strong site management, contractor support, materials management, and safety and environmental compliance.

Using our Centers of Excellence, we integrate with the project’s process and deliver your desired results. We get projects done with demonstrated leadership and through transparent integration of all required services – wherever, whenever, and however needed.