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Technical Services: Filing in the Project Gaps and Integrating the Technical Team

JDI Contracts Inc. provides integrated leadership and technical services for your project. We work with multiple design resources to complete project designs and specifications.

JDI Technical Services 

Our approach integrates your technical team with other project phases, keeps an eye on the big picture, and provides a well-defined road map to the results you want.

Our technical services include:

  • Engineering leadership, facilitation, and process support
  • Work flow development, role definition, and task assignment and tracking
  • Construction phase integration, including planning, sequencing, and scheduling
  • Project data management through JDI’s own program management system
  • Ad-hoc engineering, design, and drafting services
  • Contract development, review, and management
  • Internal/external gap and risk analysis

Our Technical Services in Action

Our team shares their extensive knowledge of various industries and continuous processes, helping your team more easily navigate the project design process. Our experiences enable us to offer effective solutions to your complex engineering and technology problems and deliver your project’s specific objectives.

We work diligently with all involved, through all project phases, to identify, mitigate, and avoid risks throughout the project cycle.