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JDI Contracts Inc. works with your team to develop a project road map through all phases. With deliberate handoffs between each project phase, we help all teams navigate through complex, integrated task sequences to ensure your path to completion is efficient while remaining flexible to changing field conditions.

Our teams provide leadership and transparent integration of all required services wherever, whenever, and however needed.

The project road map demonstrates critical transitions and risk profiles. As project effort increases, so do financial and other critical risks to your budget and schedule.

The skills and experience of our leadership team, coupled with our process road map, help each team member from all entities understand his or her contribution and how it fits in with the overall project.

Everyone is aware of their downstream impact from the beginning of the project until the conclusion of a successful startup and handoff to operations.

By paying particular attention to the phase-to-phase transitions, JDI leadership helps create smooth handoffs between teams, offering a clear understanding of requirements to achieve desired results.

We strive to understand all aspects of your project and final implementation. Our ability to listen, communicate, and cooperate allows us to be flexible and responsive to your needs.
Our skills, experience, and expertise connect people and solve problems to get projects done.